Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal

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Aranya Solutions partnered with the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa East for a whole systems approach to a project in Nepal for three remote villages who are still rebuilding by the 2015 earthquake. This is done in partnership with the local Nepal Rotary Club of Rudramti, for a Rotary International Global Grant on economic development “Improving Lives of Deprived Communities in Dingam, Chipling and Thankani.”

The main purpose is to improve the income level of village people through sustainable agriculture training in Shiitake mushroom farming, Kiwi Farming, Beekeeping and Womens Empowerment.

There are plans to expand this project by building greater growing facilities and a community center. Road repair is another key next step to support the distribution of goods to sell. A micro-enterprise cooperative has been formed through this project to support the financial structure and sustainability as this project expands. We are seeking additional partners and funding to expand the training program, community center, roads and support systems to these villages.

The most recent training for Shiitake Mushroom farming was conducted Dec 2018 in the villages. A total of 60 people from three villages benefitted from the training, who will go on to teach their families and other community members, reaching over 1,000 people. Shiitake mushroom farming was chosen by the villagers as the species has a high value in the market and gaining interest with people in Nepal.


The people of Dingam, Chipling and Thakani villages are primarily dependent on traditional agriculture which barely supports them for 5 to 6 months of the year, so working adults, usually men, temporarily migrate outside the region as laborers and other low paying jobs, leaving the women and children behind to rebuild and take care of immediate needs. People need money to pay bills such as electricity, mobile phones, education and medicines. The income comes mostly through labor work which is irregular and unreliable and so insufficient. Thus a training program for growing high value products the community is interested in was developed. Agriculture trainings are the first projects in this larger program for creating a localized economy, to keep the families and community together and work with near-by resources and markets.

Timeline for Activities in Nepal for Improving Lives of Deprived Communities in Nepal


Contact for more information:

Katrina Zavalney, Executive Director, Founder of Aranya Solutions
Rotary Club of Santa Rosa East – International Committee & Nepal project chair

P: 503-459-1345