Our Purpose

What we do

Aranya Solutions works with communities to be self sustaining

Aranya Solutions specialize in creating systematic place-based solutions through participatory planning to enhance the daily lives of people. We serve as a bridge to resources and necessary infrastructure to bring  meaningful livelihood, economical vitality and sustainable living. 

Aranya Solutions collaborates with a  web of partners, such as Rotary International and local partner organizations in each location to provide access to assets that bolster cultural resilience, sustainability and livelihood. We work internationally, often serving the underserved.


Our method is to assist communities and stakeholders to implement:

  • leadership training and organizational skills

  • environmentally friendly building

  • capacity building & team development

  • advise community leaders and projects

  • Regenerative agricultural & Carbon sequestration

  • life skills workshops & Emotional Intelligence

  • local economic development & cooperatives



Current Projects

We are currently working in Nepal, Africa and the Rotary Foundation International to support meaningful livelihood to the people in villages in these countries.

Additionally, we partner on a number of community-orientated projects, regenerative agriculture programs, and consulting services for organization development. We also provide leadership training to help create the next generation of change makers.

We work in partnership with Starhawk, Rotary Club, Abundant Earth Foundation, ICA Nepal, World Peace Through Technology, NorCal Resilience Network and others! Learn more about these projects and our holistic approach to empower these courageous people.


Nepal Village Livelihood

This rural Nepal community in Digam Village in Nuwakot District needs help in rebuilding after the 2015 earthquake.

The project purpose is to improve the income level of village people through sustainable agriculture training in Shiitake mushroom farming, Kiwi Farming, Beekeeping and Womens Empowerment. 


Regenerative Land Management – with Starhawk

We have partnered with Starhawk in launching a new training program in Regenerative Land Management.

This new program is designed to give you the skills, experience and confidence to run a farm, ranch, retreat center or urban farm in ways that heal damaged ecosystems and sequester carbon.

March 28th at Omni Commons, Oakland, CA

Fundraiser for Starhawk’s
Regenerative Land Management Program

The funds go towards Diversity Scholarships to enable youth and leaders from frontline communities to gain the skills and experience to redress climate change and forge career paths in growing food, community, and healthy rural and urban ecosystems.

** We met our goal to raise $5,000+ for Diversity Scholarships! **



What else are we doing?


Our Work in Uganda


Many school kids in Eastern Uganda frequently do not eat breakfast or lunch. This project will provide solar cookers to prepare student lunches, and desks & books that are in dire need. With food in their bellies, kids will be better able to concentrate and learn.

Leadership & Organization Development

Our focus is to empower leaders to come forward with renewed confidence in their capacity to make a positive change in their community, organizations and life.

We work with communities, organizations, teams of all flavors around the world! Including coaching, organization development, strategic planning and facilitating meetings or retreats.

  • Emotional intelligence training

  • Team building and communication skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Decision making skills

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Community Engagement

Aranya Solutions acts as a pollinator to create an ecosystem of people, organizations and resources towards positive change. Follow us on Facebook (and other platforms) to stay up to date of all the activity on the ground. Our goal is to bring cohesion to the movement of movements and strengthen the impact that we all can have. And that includes you!